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Kid’s Halloween Party: Quick and Easy as 1-2-3 Budget Friendly Recipes and Ideas

Halloween is 2 days away and you promised your kid’s a hauntingly magical Halloween party including food, drinks, and treats, and you’re now realizing that the ‘trick’ is on you because you aren’t prepared. Don’t be a scaredy cat because it’s not too late to throw together a bewitching, double double toil and trouble Halloween… Read More »

13 Nights of Halloween returns to Freeform TV – 2017 Halloween programming schedule

Are you ready for some spooky time? With Halloween coming up quickly, it’s time to start planning all those must-see scary movies and TV shows. Once again, one channel will have it all covered as they begin their wall-to-wall Halloween extravaganza. The famous 13 Nights of Halloween will return to ABC’s Freeform channel on Thursday, October… Read More »

Spooktacular Halloween Outdoor Budget Friendly DIY Decorations

Autumn is officially here. There is a slight chill in the air, the leaves are just beginning to show off their festival of colors, and the sights and sounds of ‘Hallow-scream’ can be faintly heard in the distance, as Halloween decorations begin popping up in your neighborhood. Decorating for Halloween has always been a little… Read More »

Halloween Kids Costumes: Social Benefits of ‘Dressing Up’

Halloween is just around the corner and that means kids and candy, trick-or-treat fun, and costumes. But something you may not know is that research has shown that wearing costumes may actually help your child “work harder and concentrate more on tasks,” according to Red Tricycle. When kids dress up they transform themselves into anyone they want… Read More »

2017 Halloween Costumes: Top Trending Adult Costumes Include: Light Up Stick Man, Wonder Woman, Donald Trump And More

Did you know that Halloween ranks second to Christmas as the most popular celebrated holiday throughout the country? Halloween parties have grown in popularity over the last two decades to the point that sales of Halloween costumes have nearly tripled since 2010. It’s no wonder that for many the search for the perfect Halloween costume… Read More »

2018 Holiday Calendar

A New Year, a new beginning! Here at, we love everything that has to do with the holidays, and not just the “big four” (as we like to refer to them) Easter, Halloween Thanksgiving, and Christmas. While we do love a good celebration, we also love to find the best deals and sales on the… Read More »