National Pizza Day 2018: Best Deals, Freebies, and Fun Facts

Does just hearing the word ‘pizza’ bring a smile to your face? Well then today is your lucky day because it’s National Pizza Day, and there are SO many styles and varieties to choose from. Did you know that the popularity of many pizza styles across the United States can be very specific according to the region or… Read More »

Five Steps To Rekindling Your Romance This Valentine’s Day

February is known as The Month of Love, and for the next couple of days we would love to say a big “THANK YOU” to all of you for helping make iHoliday  your number one place for all of your Everyday Celebrations.  In appreciation of your loyalty we are sharing the ‘spirit’ of this Valentine’s holiday with… Read More »

World Nutella Day: Recipes Including Cakes, Cookies, Pies And A Nutella Martini

In our house there is no better way to celebrate World Nutella Day than with the deliciousness of this hazelnut spread between a light, flaky and buttery flavored pastry on a cold winter’s day. The history of this delectable treat was created due to skyrocketing chocolate prices during the 1940’s when bakery owner Pietro Ferrero, from Alba,… Read More »

National Hot Tea Day: Recipes and Fun Facts

Today’s holiday celebration National Hot Tea Day is one of my favorite iHoliday everyday celebrations. I love hot tea any time of the year, summer included. Did you know that drinking a hot beverage may actually be a better choice when it comes to cooling off on a hot summer day? Be sure to check out the… Read More »