World Teachers Day: Celebrating Hero’s Addams Family Style

World Teachers Day On this day we’re celebrating World Teachers Day as we bring awareness to the important role and responsibility that teachers contribute to educating our future generations. We know that teachers have to adjust to many different parenting styles, but today’s iHoliday’s Twist asks the question… “As a student did you ever have to… Read More »

National Creamsicle Day: Celebrate With A Spooky Twist

Today we are celebrating National Creamsicle Day, a delightfully frozen ice cream dessert and fruit all in one! Did you know that this popular summertime treat was actually discovered by sheer accident? It appears that back in 1905, eleven year old San Francisco Bay area Frank Epperson had been experimenting on enclosing vanilla ice cream… Read More »

International Lefthanders Day: Reasons Lefthanders Might Need To Consider This Halloween

Chances are we all know someone who is left handed, but have you ever wondered about the differences (besides the obvious) between right and left handed people? Did you know… Men are more likely to be left-handed. Mothers over 40 are shown to be twice as likely to have a left-handed baby. Research has shown… Read More »

This Week’s Fun Fact: What Was Candy Corn’s Original Name?

What? Really? That can’t be true! It’s true! Today’s surprising Fun Fact is that these little tri-colored nibbles were originally called “chicken feed” because back in the day corn was thought of as chicken feed; and corn was not something that the people would have chosen to eat. It was considered a “seasonal candy due… Read More »


PHOTO OF THE WEEK “A reveler in costume with a broom jumps during a Zombie Walk event in central Kiev on October 27, 2018, ahead of Halloween celebrations on October 31.” We love sharing all the beautiful, thought provoking, as well as cute and funny photo’s of the Halloween and Fall season. Please feel free… Read More »