January 18, 2021

Holiday Baking: The Joys of Baking With Kids Wearing Aprons

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With the start of each holiday season my family’s thoughts excitedly turn to baking, because in our home everyone knows that the holiday’s and baking go together hand in hand – like peanut butter and jelly; but before we embark on our two weeks of holiday baking each person has their own special task to attend to.

We begin by gathering all the necessary ingredients (sprinkles and frosting are always the favorites), assembling needed cookie cutters and baking sheets, and I turn on the oven.

But I have to say that the one thing my children, and now my grandchildren look forward to almost as much as baking, is choosing which apron they are going to wear this year.

It appears that my love of aprons has trickled down through the years becoming somewhat of a family tradition in itself.

My curiosity (now turned passion) of that beautifully protective garment began as a child. Watching my mother’s face light up as she tied her apron around her waist always made me feel like something magical was about to happen, and it usually did.

There is nothing that warms my heart and brings me more joy than seeing the happiness (and a little flour) on a child’s face as they feel the accomplishment of creating their own edible masterpiece.

Baking can be a creatively fun activity for family and friends and a wonderful way to share in the joy and magic of baking this holiday season.

If you are looking for inspiration and the most deliciously baked (including kid friendly recipes), no bake cookies and treats, tips, and gift giving ideas be sure to visit our 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown, and don’t forget your apron!

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