January 22, 2021

Black Cat Appreciation Day: 10 Black Cat Facts You Never Knew

photo via leadervet.com

Calling out to all our black cat lovers, today is Black Cat Appreciation Day, a day for celebrating and showing a little extra love for your darker furry feline.

Today’s holiday was launched on Facebook eight years ago by Wayne Morris as a way to “honor the bond between humans and their beloved companion animals.”

He chose August 17 to commemorate his late sister (June) and her black cat (Sinbad).

In the past, black cats have been associated with bad luck and Halloween, but in reality the only bad luck may actually be ‘being a black cat’, as many continue to be passed over at shelters and mistreated because of the color of their fur.

So if you are lucky enough to have one of these mysteriously beautiful animals (of any color) you may want to shower them with a few extra fun cat treats and games, a little more snuggles and sharing your photos of all your feline family members on our Facebook page.

If you still find yourself feeling a little skittish when a black cat crosses your path maybe reading the 10 Black Cat Facts Everyone Needs To Know will help calm your nerves.

Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

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