Black Friday 2016: Online Deals Include HDTV’s, Hatchimals, Xbox & PS4 Video Games and More!

By | November 8, 2016

Who is ready for the holidays? Black Friday 2016 takes place this year on November 25, but that doesn’t mean shoppers aren’t looking for the best deals online and around town already. While the barrage of ads will most likely hit the internet by early next week, bargain shoppers know it is always a great idea to keep your eyes peeled anytime from here on out.

While a lot of shoppers hate the stigma of what Black Friday can bring in terms of large crowds, people scuffling for the last great TV in the store and standing in long lines with no guarantee that you will get what you set out for, my suggestion is to start looking for online deals now!

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo will be a popular gift the holiday season.

Great deals always appear early and often with many retailers, that’s why you have to keep a constant eye out for daily bargains. Amazon’s Countdown to Black Friday is one of the best ways to keep up with the top trends and deals at a great price. Walmart also offers great ways to save and offers price guarantees online. Walmart Black Friday deals are starting to creep out earlier each year, and some of the deals are truly the prices of the season.

In fact there are a some early deals that are turning heads already.

The popular Amazon Echo is currently listed at 30 percent off the regular price. If you have never seen what this device can do, you really need to check it out! You can ask “Alexa.” the brains that live inside the Echo, basically anything that you want to know and she will answer. From simple stuff such as “How is the weather,” or “where is the closest pizza delivery place near me,” to what is the hottest stock trading on the market today,” Alexa will keep you up to date with everything you need to know.

Other top sellers this season will surely include the ever popular PS4 and Xbox video games. Technology is growing ever more popular everyday all around the world, and when it comes to video games, they are getting better and more realistic looking each year.

If you have a sports lover in your family, now may be a good time to check out the deals on some of the more popular sports games. Marked down well ahead of Black Friday, games such as “Madden 17,” “NHL 17,” “NBA 17,” and “MLB The Show 17” are always on many sports lovers wish lists.


Hatchimals are all the rage.

Of course we can’t talk about early Christmas gifts without mentioning the top toys for children. Video games, board games and dolls are always popular stocking stuffers, but right now it seems that “Hatchimals” are all the craze.

Hatchimals are lovable little creatures in an egg that respond in a comforting way to human touch, and eventually peck their way out to join their new family. Hatchimals seems to be the early front runner for that “must have” gift of the 2016 shopping season.

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