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Santa’s Printable Christmas Letters And Lists For Kids, Teens, And Adults Of All Ages

“He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice” are words from the Christmas song that almost every child has heard, and at one time or another… and maybe even feared their name may be included on the naughty list. We’re getting down to the wire, but there is… Read More »

Christmas DIY: Best Mason Jar Gift Ideas Including Cocktails In A Jar and More

With just 13 days left until Christmas your gift giving ideas may have just gotten a little easier, thanks to mason jars! That’s right, Mason Jars, and with SO MANY wonderful, clever, and tasty homemade gift ideas to choose from I just decided to share them all! You can customized your gift with a personal touch… Read More »

Creating Your Own Family Cookbook: A DIY Project For The Entire Family

The Christmas season always brings back loving memories and enduring traditions that have become the heart and soul of our family. This season of blessings and thankfulness also gives us the opportunity to gather with family and friends (many who have become like family), as we indulge in the recollection of past holidays; and in… Read More »