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International Left Handers Day: 5 Fun Facts About Lefties And Their Advantages

Today we are celebrating International Left Handers Day with some interesting fun facts. Chances are we all know someone who is left handed, but have you ever wondered about the differences (besides the obvious) between right and left handed people? Did you know… Men are more likely to be left-handed. Mothers over 40 are shown to… Read More »

National Mani-Pedi Day: Surprising Health Benefits

Today is National Mani-Pedi Day! If you have never experienced the wonderful relaxing benefits of a full service manicure and pedicure then today is the day you may want to consider treating yourself. In addition to the visual outcome with all the beautiful colors, designs, and jewerly to choose from, it appears there may also… Read More »

Earth Day 2018: Top 3 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

It’s a party and you are all invited! This Sunday April 22, the largest celebration will take place world-wide marking the 48th anniversary of Earth Day. On this day you are invited to show your support and help protect our environment in honor of our beautiful, magnificent, and most diverse planet we all call home. So… Read More »