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National Creamsicle Day: A Creamy Popsicle Or A Delicious Dessert?

Today we are celebrating National Creamsicle Day, a delightfully frozen ice cream dessert and fruit all in one! Interesting fact about this popular summertime treat, it was “accidentlally” invented in 1905. It seems 11 year old San Francisco Bay area Frank Epperson was experimenting on enclosing vanilla ice cream with a layer of fruit juice… Read More »

National English Muffin Day: Thomas English Muffins Celebrates With Seven New Gourmet Butter Recipes

Today is National English Muffin Day! Thomas English Muffins are celebrating their 138th Anniversary this April and according to the “folks at Thomas’ have given the English muffin’s perfect match an “extreme makeover” by infusing the biggest food trends of 2018 into seven exciting new gourmet butter recipes to allow fans to elevate their English… Read More »

National Pizza Day 2018: Best Deals, Freebies, and Fun Facts

Does just hearing the word ‘pizza’ bring a smile to your face? Well then today is your lucky day because it’s National Pizza Day, and there are SO many styles and varieties to choose from. Did you know that the popularity of many pizza styles across the United States can be very specific according to the region or… Read More »

National Eat A Red Apple Day

Today we’re celebrating National Eat A Red Apple Day! Fun Facts About Apples The saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true!  Apples are a very healthy snack as well as delicious and nutritious, cholesterol, sodium, and fat free, and the peel alone “contains antioxidants that help reduce damaged cells and fight diseases.” There… Read More »

National French Toast Day 2017: Celebrate With 13 Of The Best French Toast Recipes

Since we are celebrating National French Toast Day, I thought I’d share some interesting and fun facts about France from  Did You Know? It’s illegal to kiss on the French railway The Croissant was actually invented in Austria French toast and French fries aren’t French inventions So how do you celebrate National French Toast Day? … Read More »

National Taco Day: Celebrate With The Top Best Taco Recipes Including Meat, Vegetarian, Seafood And More

Calling all taco lovers, Wednesday October 4 is National Taco Day, a day dedicated to the ‘Mexican equivalent of a sandwich’ and one of Americas favorite foods. In fact we love our tacos so much that according to the National Taco Day website, Americans ate more that 4.5 BILLION tacos – making it the equivalent to 775… Read More »

National Cheeseburger Day: Freebies and Discounts From McDonald’s, Burger King, Sonic’s and More

Today September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day; a complete 24 hours dedicated to one of America’s most delicious and iconic foods, including free burgers and great deals at many of your local fast food places. Now don’t be confused if you thought we just celebrated a burger holiday back in May, that would be National Hamburger… Read More »