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National Dine Over Your Kitchen Sink Day

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I have to admit, todays celebration is a new holiday for me, ~ Dine Over Your Kitchen Sink Day ~ a day that has been observed the day after Thanksgiving since 1991. The motto of this holiday according to is, “Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving leftovers provide the perfect reasons to enjoy a quick meal. It’s the… Read More »

Thanksgiving 2017: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Game ~ Can You Guess Who’s Blocked Out Of The Scene?

If you love all things Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts Gang check out the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Game and see if you can guess how many characters you can name that are blocked out of each scene. Can You Guess The Blocked Out Character In Screenshots Of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Game Wishing you… Read More »

Parade’s, Football & Turkey Oh My! Macy’s Parade Kicks Off Thanksgiving Day TV Lineup

Thanksgiving Day is near! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons, but mostly just because of hanging out with friends and family. For some people, Thanksgiving Day is all about TV too! From the annual Macy’s Day Parade to an all-day football extravaganza, there is a lot to do and watch on the… Read More »

Thanksgiving Countdown Planner: Including Celebrity Chefs Secret Tip

Thanksgiving Dinner, the most anticipated meal of the year; but for those who are hosting this grand feast it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge. From the novice host, to the experienced veteran, stress levels appear to rise with the start of November, and continue right on up until the turkey is ready to… Read More »