September 22, 2020

Creating Your Own Family Cookbook: A DIY Project For The Entire Family

The Christmas season always brings back loving memories and enduring traditions that have become the heart and soul of our family.

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This season of blessings and thankfulness also gives us the opportunity to gather with family and friends (many who have become like family), as we indulge in the recollection of past holidays; and in our family, a majority of those precious memories and fun times usually revolved around the family table, and food.

For many years I have toyed with the idea of creating a family cookbook with all of the traditional recipes that my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have passed down.

Now that I have my own grandchildren who love to bake and cook, I began to realize that many of my tried and true, and gently passed down with love recipes have no actual measurements written within the recipe.

I know this may sound a bit unusual, but I grew up in a large Italian family where most things were “a pinch, a dash, or just enough until it looks, or tastes right” directions.

That has served me well for me for many years, but now I would love to be able to have in writing exactly what my Italian recipe directions should look like for my grandchildren, as well as a place to keep all of theses wonderfully delicious family recipes in one place.

This year I have asked everyone (ahead of time is best) to write down their favorite family meal. Everything from soups, to pastas, appetizers, entree’s and desserts, and a special memory they have associated with their choice.

Since I will be hosting Christmas Eve this year I thought this would be the perfect time for everyone to drop off their personal favorites into the festively decorated Christmas box marked, “My Best Family Recipe Memory”.

My New Year’s Intention is to create my own Family Recipe Cookbook where we will finally have all of our beloved traditional, as well as some new traditional recipes in one Family Cookbook.

I know this is sure to become a family favorite, and I can see the requests coming in now for their own copy, which by the way makes a perfect gift, filled with plenty of food, fun, memories, and love anytime of the year.

It’s still early enough, and there is still plenty of time if you would like to incorporate this idea for your family and friends this year. Let me know what you think.

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