September 22, 2020

Dr. Seuss: Celebrating The Art Of Perseverance Day

 Today we are celebrating “The Art of Perseverance Day.”

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I should begin this article with a disclaimer: There really is not a holiday celebrating ‘The Art of Perseverance’, but we here at iHoliday have taken it upon ourselves to make this an everyday celebration because we think it’s a great way to start off the new year; while challenging yourself to continue moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

Here we are, already ending the second week of 2018, and for many, your will and determination to keep your New Year’s resolution may already be in jeopardy. You were so determined to make and keep your resolution a few weeks ago, so why then do we continue to fail miserably when it comes to following through?

That’s when it struck me –Perseverance it’s the one thing we all need more of.

After gathering a few thoughts and conversations we decided to create our own ‘unofficial holiday’ and call it The Art of Perseverance Day. 

We then decided this holiday was just too important to be tucked away and pulled out to celebrate just once a year.

No, this had to be a daily, iHoliday -Everyday Celebration; one we wake up to every morning and rededicate to ourselves as we go through our daily lives.

Now for some inspiration…

There are plenty of men, woman, and children who have told their own personal stories about never giving up, but for today’s iHoliday inspiration we chose Dr. Seuss, the one man known all over the world who can turn a negative into a positive by simply reciting one of his clever and charming rhymes. He was determined to never give up, no matter what anyone said or thought of him.

I hope you find his story of perseverance an inspiration to help revitalize you into pressing on, and keep moving forward with your New Year’s resolution!

The amazing true story of how the REAL Dr. Seuss almost gave up.

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