January 18, 2021

Fourth of July: Top 6 Safety Tips For Helping Your Dog Stay Safe And Anxiety Free

Did you know that more dogs get lost or injured on the Fourth of July than any other time of the year?  “Pets – dogs in particular – are extremely sensitive to the sound and smell of fireworks. There’s just something in it that really terrifies them” says Danielle Hastings, Community Relations Manager for the Larimer Humane Society in Colorado.

Photo via michelle at petbucket

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and while you and your family and friends are busy planning for your holiday fun and festivities, there may be a few ‘furry’ family members who do not share in your enthusiasm during this summertime holiday. With all the loud whistles, bangs and booms that go on throughout the night, the Fourth of July fireworks may be more frightening than festive, bringing out stress and anxiety for both pets and their owners.

As a loving and responsible pet owner it is crucial that you make preparations ahead of time to help your dogs and cats remain calm, stress free, and in a safe environment. Here are some quick and easy tips to help keep your pets safe this Fourth of July weekend.

  1. Stay Calm ~ Animals pick up on our moods, so if you are anxious or worried, your pets behavior may be influenced by your stress level.
  2. Prepare The House ~ Find a room where the least amount of noise can be heard, keep a few lights on and close the doors and windows.
  3. Exercise Early ~ Exercising your pet a few hours before the fireworks begin helps to settle them down at night.
  4. Try a ThunderShirt ~ A ThunderShirt is a “unique” fabric that wraps around your pet’s torso applying gentle pressure (much like the idea of swaddling an infant to provide comfort), and it has been shown to reduce anxiety in approximately 80 percent of pets who wear it.
  5. Turn Up The Volume ~ Turning up the television, or music helps to drown out the outside noise. Click the link for 8 hours of Sleep Music to Calm Down Your Dogs.
  6. Make sure your pets are wearing current ID tags ~ Family pets have been known to dig and claw their way out of the yard when they are panicked or scared.

Keeping your fur baby’s safe begins with not taking your pets to watch the fireworks, as well as not leaving your animals outside unattended. Following these simple and thoughtful safety tips can help keep your pets relaxed, calm, and stress free this Fourth of July!

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