November 28, 2020

International Beer And Pizza Day: Find Out Why The Chicken Really Crossed The Road, And The Best Beer And Pizza Pairings

National Beer and Pizza Day

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Beer and Pizza go together hand in hand, like two peas in a pod, or better yet like two best friends.

And why not, with so many choices it’s no wonder that beer and pizza have been called out on twitter as, “one of the most iconic food and drink combinations on the planet Earth.”

Some of you may be asking yourself, “How is it possible I have not celebrated such an awesome holiday before?”

Well it’s probably because it’s a relatively new holiday, 2 years old to be exact.

The credit for this unofficial holiday goes to website designer, Nick Saulino, who was looking for a way to “pay tribute to one of the greatest food and drink pairings in human history.” Personally I think he nailed it!

You can show (and share) your love for the best pairing ever of beer and pizza any day, or every day with this Pizza and Beer Couple Love T-Shirt.

Now to finally answer the age old question “Why did the chicken really crossed the road?” And –  How To Pair The Best Beer with your personal favorite pizza check out the youtube video below.

The Best Beer And Pizza Pairings and Why The Chicken Really Crossed The Road

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