January 22, 2021

International Cat Day

Photo via thepetpleasersblog

Calling all cat lover’s! This time of the year may be referred to as The Dog Days of Summer, but today it’s all about the cats as we celebrate International Cat Day. This special holiday was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to raise awareness for cats in need world-wide.

It appears when it comes to having a household pet the lines have been drawn when it comes to those who refer to themselves as a dog or a cat person; but did you know that cats are now the world’s most popular pet, outnumbering dogs by as many as three to one? That’s partly due to the fact that cats are known to be self-reliant and affectionate, require little or no grooming, and can be left alone for short extended periods of time without you feeling the pangs of guilt.

So let’s get ready to celebrate all the bold or cautious, social or aloof, compliant or defiant, vocal or quiet furry felines that bring so much joy to your life with a little extra love, attention, and yes to an extra pinch of catnip!

How Felines Celebrate International Cat Day

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