September 27, 2020

LEGO Celebrate’s 61st Anniversary: Fun LEGO Facts You Never Knew

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Happy Birthday Lego!

Today we are celebrating 61 years of the most popular and recognizable interlocking building block toy in the world known as LEGO’s.

First interesting Fun Fact: Retailers today are still selling 7 sets of LEGO’s EVERY SECOND around the world!  Now I see where they get their title,”Most Popular”.

LEGO building bricks come in 53 different colors and have been entertaining creative minds of children and adults from 4 to 104, and according to planitnorthwest, have spent over 5 billion hours a year playing with their LEGO bricks. (second Fun Fact).

I know 5 BILLION HOURS a year is a LOT of hours, but I can attest to the fact that it’s easy to do, as I fondly remember the many fun filled hours with my grandchildren as we creatively built our own little world over and over again.

This holiday celebration has got me thinking. I’m going to dig out our old LEGO set and call my now teenage grandchildren to come over and recreate some of the world’s we used to build.

What makes me even happier is that I know that they will still rise up and enjoy the challenge of who can still build the largest, or tallest building.

LEGO’s history and Fun Facts are amazing and mind blowing. Click this link to find out everything you never knew about LEGO’s!

Happy 61st Anniversary LEGO!

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