January 17, 2021

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: How Would You Celebrate Your Holiday?

With so many wonderful and unique daily celebrations it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all, but today’s celebration happens to be one of our favorites because it’s Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

According to timeanddate.com, this unofficial holiday “honors all made-up holidays past, present, and future and encourages people to come up with creative, quirky, offbeat, important, and significant things to celebrate, observe, and commemorate.”

And on that note we thought it might be fun to throw out a challenge to you.

If you could make up your own special holiday, what would it be? What will your special holiday look like?

Let’s see how many fun new holidays we can come up with.

It can be official, unofficial, or just for fun.

You can celebrate everything from the great weather, a milestone in your life, food, movies, books or even your favorite television or movie character; and it MUST be family friendly.

There is one stipulation… NOTHING inappropriate, political, or religious (or it will be removed).

What topic, holiday, or event has escaped its rightful recognition?

So go ahead, create your own Holiday and SPREAD THE WORD, you never know, your creative and imaginative new holiday celebration just might be the one everyone is marking on their calendars in the near future!

Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!



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