September 27, 2020

National Bird Day: Celebrate Today With A Song

Calling all bird lovers, bird watchers, and birdy parents everywhere because today we are celebrating National Bird Day!

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National Bird Day is just one of many bird holidays dedicated to celebrate their beauty and strength, and to bring awareness of the critical “plight of our feathered friends” –  including the protection and survival of birds both wild and captive; and according to Born Free USA as many as 12 percent of the 10,000 bird species world wide are in danger of extinction.

Ways to observe this holiday are as easy as stepping outside your door and just listening to the wonderful, unique, and melodic songs of one of nature’s greatest gifts.

If stepping outside your door is not an option for you on this cold January day click this link to listen (and see) some of their beautiful morning songs.

Happy National Bird Day!

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There’s always a reason to celebrate with ‘!








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