January 17, 2021

National Bomb Pop Day And Snapchat Celebrate With A New Holiday Lens

Photo via leslielovesveggies.net

Today June 29 we are celebrating National Bomb Pop Day and Snapchat is getting in on the fun! For the first time Snapchat is giving their users nationwide the opportunity to celebrate National Bomb Pop Day with a new “explosive” Snapchat lens.

According to prenewswire.com  this “fun and quirky” new Snapchat lens will automatically be available for all users today, June 29 for 24 hours. “It turns the users’ faces red white and blue, the colors of the Original Bomb Pop rockets with an interactive lens that is triggered by your facial movements and “lets users fly around the sky like rockets, ending the playful animation with steam pouring out of users’ ears.”

But that’s not all! For the next 90 days this interactive lens will be accessible to anyone who scans “the snap code on select mobile vending trucks, Instagram, bombpop.com, and a Bomb Pop-sponsored Pandora station. Users simply tap or long press on the snapcode within the Snapchat camera screen, and Snapchat will automatically recognize and apply the Snapchat lens.”

This cool, colorful and tasty treat was created on July 30, 1955 in Kansas City by owners of Merrit Foods, James W. Merritt and D.S. Abernethy; and in 2005, celebrating their 50 year Bomb Pop anniversary, were honored with the the holiday title National Bomb Pop Day, and has since been observed annually on the last Thursday in June, just in time for your  Fourth of July pre-celebration!  

Celebrating this holiday is easy, but if you’re feeling a little creative and would like to kick up today’s holiday festivities, (including the Fourth of July) check out these delicious and simple recipes and fun clothing attire for both kids and adults.

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