September 28, 2020

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

Today is National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day!

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There are some who may argue the point that the adjective beautiful may not be the first thing you think of when describing a bulldog; but for those of you who own one of these majestic animals, the word beautiful describes this breed to a tee.

Bulldogs are known for their stocky builds, wrinkly faces, and their tendency for slobbering, which for many is considered one of their most endearing qualities.

But bulldogs are also known for their loyalty, sweet natured disposition, make great watch dogs, and have continued to rank as one of America’s most popular breeds to date.

Today’s celebration calls for indulging the beauty of bulldogs everywhere. Take a walk in the park, bake up a delicious batch of healthy homemade dog treats, and don’t forget to snap a few selfies with you and your beautiful sidekick and share them on our Facebook page.

Happy Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day!

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