September 24, 2020

National Cat Herding Day

photo via amazon

Have you ever heard the expression “Herding Cats?” Well to be honest this is a new one for me, but it’s also very exciting because I just learned about a new unofficial holiday to celebrate today (thanks to Thomas and Ruth Roy from – It’s National Cat Herding Day!

Cats and kitties, how hard can it be? They’re cute and cuddly, and so adorably innocent, but no matter how hard you try they have the tendency to get away from you; much like your well organized and planned day, before the avalanche and chaos begins to topple over like a well played game of dominoes.

That’s what today’s holiday is all about, celebrating all the impossible and uncontrollable situations and difficult challenges that life seems to through your way in day to day life – kind of like “herding cats”.

So if you’re feeling that today is like Herding Cats, this one’s for you, as well as some helpful advise from animalbehaviorcollege, – today might be a “good reason to stop what you are doing, open a bottle of pinot grigio, sit down on the couch and enjoy the vino, preferably with a cat on your lap.” 

Happy National Cat Herding Day!

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