November 24, 2020

National Chili Day: Absolute Best Chili Recipes Including Bacon Pineapple, Chicken, Pumpkin Spice, And More

Today is National Chili Day, and we’re celebrating “all things chili” from Chili dogs, Chili burgers, Chili cheese fries, Chili stuffed baked potatoes and the list goes on and on.

photo via the daily meal


Chili is usually a spicy stew that may or may not include chili peppers, meat (chicken or beef), tomatoes and beans; seasonings may include garlic, onions, and mushrooms, and is often a favorite dish in cook-offs.

The beauty and versatility of any chili recipe varies according to your geographic location and your personal tastes. In other words recipe possibilities for your perfect bowl of chili appear to be endless.

As we get ready to honor one of America’s favorite winter dishes let’s get ready with 15 Absolute Best Chili Recipes from The Daily Meal.

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