National Creamsicle Day: A Creamy Popsicle Or A Delicious Dessert?

By | August 14, 2018

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Today we are celebrating National Creamsicle Day, a delightfully frozen ice cream dessert and fruit all in one!

Interesting fact about this popular summertime treat, it was “accidentlally” invented in 1905.

It seems 11 year old San Francisco Bay area Frank Epperson was experimenting on enclosing vanilla ice cream with a layer of fruit juice and left the mixture out overnight. The next morning he found that due to the cold night air his mixture was now frozen. He decided to call his invention the “Epsicle” which has since been named and renamed “Popsicle” or “Creamsicle”.

Today the creamsicle comes in a variety of flavors including the original orange, raspberry, cherry, blue raspberry, grape, and lime.

It also appears that the “Creamsicle Craze” has even found it’s way into the world of baking and cocktails, making this holiday an easy one to celebrate in oh so many ways!

Celebrate National Creamsicle Day With Ally’s 12 Awesome Recipes

Happy National Creamsicle Day!

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