November 24, 2020

National Earmuff Day

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Today we are celebrating National Earmuff Day, also known to some as Chester Greenwood Day.

We celebrate this holiday every year to honor its inventor, fifteen year old Chester Greenwood, from Maine.

In 1873, between walking 8 miles in the freezing weather to sell eggs, and his passion for skating at a nearby pond, Chester decided that there had to be a better way to keep his ears warm, besides wrapping his head in a scarf (history has it that Chester had especially large ears).

He tried everything, but it was either too big, too bulky, or too itchy; until one day he created what he called the “Greenwood Champion Ear Protectors,”and the rest is history.

In 1877 Chester, a grammar school dropout, patented his invention, opened a successful factory, and ever since that time earmuffs have become a much needed winter time accessory.

So how do you celebrate National Earmuff Day? If you are from Chester’s hometown of Farmington, Maine, it’s with a parade where everyone from kids to dogs wear earmuffs.

You can join in on the celebration by wearing a pair of earmuffs – to keep your ears warm, drown out the noise, or listen to your favorite music with a pair of high tech headphone warmers.

Happy National Earmuff Day!

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