November 28, 2020

National English Muffin Day: Thomas English Muffins Celebrates With Seven New Gourmet Butter Recipes

Today is National English Muffin Day!

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Thomas English Muffins are celebrating their 138th Anniversary this April and according to the “folks at Thomas’ have given the English muffin’s perfect match an “extreme makeover” by infusing the biggest food trends of 2018 into seven exciting new gourmet butter recipes to allow fans to elevate their English muffin experience in celebration of this beloved breakfast icon.”

These seven delicious “melt-in-your-mouth” taste recipes will have you shaking up your morning routine with everything from savory to sweet, and the directions for all seven recipes couldn’t easier.

Thomas English Muffins Sweet and Savory Gourmet Butter Recipes – “Discover The “Unique Flavors In Every Bite” 

Happy English Muffin Day!

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