September 22, 2020

National For Pete’s Sake Day

photo via national days

Today we are celebrating National For Pete’s Sake Day, another one of the “official, unofficial holiday’s” (created by Tom and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays) that many might consider falling into the “weird” but fun to say category!

On this holiday we celebrate the “odd expression of amazement or frustration” when searching for that perfect non offensive, or kid friendly word or saying, and it looks like “Pete” won!

Now if Pete isn’t exactly your cup of tea there are a few other expressions that could do in a pinch just as well. There’s: Heavens to Betsy, When Pigs Fly, Stubborn as a Mule, or Mind Your Own Beeswax, just to state a few.

My personal favorite when the grandchildren were younger was and still is, “Oh Beans!” 

Do you have a favorite (family friendly please) phrase that you’re fond of saying?

Happy National For Pete’s Sake Day!

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