September 27, 2020

National I Love Yarn Day

Today we are celebrating National I Love Yarn Day

photo via sweet tidings

I have to start by saying, “I love this holiday, and I LOVE my yarn!

One of the first things I usually do when I enter any craft store is head right to the yarn section.

I can never resist a great sale or a new color, which is why if you look into what used to be my “extra” closet you will find it filled with way too many skeins of yarn in all colors and all textures.

My problem, as my husband would lovingly say, is that I have too much.

But in my defense, whenever I’m in the middle of ‘yarn heaven’ I start to think of all my family, friends, or neighbors who I know would love nothing more than a homemade afghan. So I buy.

I Love Yarn Day (ILYD) is all about celebrating the “good feeling” we yarn lovers get when coming in contact with rows and rows of colorful skeins, or yarn-related crafts.

Celebrating today is easy. Share your know-how and your love of yarn with someone new, motivate others to join in the joy of yarn (especially before the upcoming holidays), and be sure to use the hashtag #iloveyarnday!

Happy National I Love Yarn Day!

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