National Leon Day 2017: What Is National Leon Day And The Best Ways To Celebrate

By | June 12, 2017

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This Sunday, June 25 we will be celebrating National Leon Day! I have to admit, this holiday was a new one for me, but you know how I feel about the holidays – there is always room for one more, or two, maybe three, well you get the idea, for me every day is a holiday, and the more the merrier!…

National Leon Day (which is NOEL spelled backwards) is an unofficial American holiday with an unknown origin, and is observed as the turning point and the halfway mark counting down the days until Christmas Day –  six months away to be exact.

Even though this day is not an official holiday you may notice some retailers will be offering special Leon Day promotions, or you might even hear a Christmas song or two on the radio, and this is also the time when crafters far and wide begin making their gifts and decorations for the upcoming Christmas season.

Ways To Celebrate National Leon Day

Play Christmas music ~ Christmas music radio

Bake some Christmas Cookies ~ Top 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Watch your favorite Christmas movies

Consider taking your family Christmas photo in the summer

Plan a  summertime craft project for the whole family and paint your own Christmas ornament set

Fun Facts About Christmas by funology

Electric Christmas lights were first used in 1854.

There are 364 gifts mentioned in “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday, and the tradition began in 1836.

And don’t be surprised if you happen to see the Salvation Army’s red kettles and bell ringers at your popular shopping mall and grocery stores. Their presence on this day reminds us that donations for your community programs are needed all year round.

Happy National Leon Day!

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