October 29, 2020

National Mani-Pedi Day: Surprising Health Benefits

photo via twitter

Today is National Mani-Pedi Day!

If you have never experienced the wonderful relaxing benefits of a full service manicure and pedicure then today is the day you may want to consider treating yourself.

In addition to the visual outcome with all the beautiful colors, designs, and jewerly to choose from, it appears there may also be some health benefits that come along with your day of beauty.

Included with your mani or pedi is a relaxing massage of both your hands and feet, which have been shown to improve both your blood circulation and mobility of the joints, also helps you de-stress, and the added bonus may also result in younger looking hands and feet!

And for those who are feeling a little shy about going into a salon, why not plan a home spa day with your BFF. Create your own spa ambience.

Diffuse some essential oils into the air, add a few plants or flowers, pick out some pretty containers from the dollar store for your foot soak, get a mani-pedi gift set, and don’t forget the music!

And FYI, today’s celebration is not just for the ladies. Yes real men do get mani-pedi’s, and according ravishly.com men do secretly love getting their nails done!

Happy Mani-Pedi Day!

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