January 17, 2021

National Taco Day: Celebrate With The Top Best Taco Recipes Including Meat, Vegetarian, Seafood And More

Photo via nationaltacoday.com

Calling all taco lovers, Wednesday October 4 is National Taco Day, a day dedicated to the ‘Mexican equivalent of a sandwich’ and one of Americas favorite foods.

In fact we love our tacos so much that according to the National Taco Day website, Americans ate more that 4.5 BILLION tacos – making it the equivalent to 775 million pounds; and for those of you who are counting, makes it equal to the weight of two Empire State Buildings. Now that’s a lot of love!

For me I find the popularity of the taco is in its versatility. There aren’t too many recipes that can transform themselves from breakfast, to lunch, then dinner, and ending with the perfect snack or dessert.

So get ready to celebrate National Taco Day your way all day with the culinary recipe treasures below!

11 Ways To Eat Tacos For Breakfast

35 Top Taco Recipes

17 Delicious Dare To Be Dessert Tacos

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