September 22, 2020

Nude Recreation Week: Best Ways To Celebrate


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This week’s celebration is one of the wacky and slightly bizarre of the July holidays. Today July 10-16 begins Nude Recreation Week, a holiday that began as a weekend celebration and has now evolved into a week-long party that is not for the faint of heart.

Lee Baxandall, the founder and creator of The Naturist Society (TNS), along with The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) have been celebrating this annual event for the past 42 years by encouraging everyone to strip down and get naked.

Carolyn Hawkins AANR spokesperson in Kissimee, Fla. believes “Nude Recreation Week is the perfect time for the public to try something new and fun, while at the same time, it gives nudists all across the U.S, and Canada, an excuse to tell their friends the real reason why they always looked so relaxed and refreshed when they get back from vacations.”

She also stated that “If people would only try it once, I think they’ll see the joys of being naked outdoors. During Nude Recreation Week, most clubs open the doors for free and let people come in and see how much wholesome fun nude recreation can be.”

If this sounds like a holiday you can get behind (pardon my pun), unencumbered and clothe-free for a week, continue reading and find out the best ways to celebrate Nude Recreation Week!

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