12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown: Day 9 Chocolate Crinkles II

Here we are, Day 9 of our 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Countdown with Ingrid’s deliciously easy Chocolate Crinkles ll recipe shared by allrecipes.com. I have it on good authority that these little crinkles, coated in pure white confectioners sugar, happen to be one of Santa’s favorites, so be sure to leave out a couple extra with a tall cold… Read More »

12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown: Day 8 Holy Cannoli Cookies

Welcome to Day 8 of our 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Countdown. I love when I find a new and unique recipe that’s deliciously inviting, one of a kind, and best of all includes a ‘how to’ follow video, and today’s Holy Cannoli Cookie Recipe courtesy of the snappygourmet.com certainly fits the bill! When making these cookies I found that using an ice cream/cookie scoop,… Read More »

World Monkey Day: Let’s Celebrate With Food, Games and More

Get ready to go bananas because today we are celebrating World Monkey Day! While we’re really not sure how this unofficial holiday originated, according to timeanddate.com the likely reason suggests “that it started as a prank by some college students, while others suggest that it was started by people who wanted to raise awareness about monkeys,… Read More »

12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown: Day 7 Brookies

We are just 12 days away from Christmas Day and Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Countdown, leaving plenty of time for your holiday baking and cookie exchange! Today’s deliciously fun recipe is called Brookies, and for those of you who are thinking Brookie? What’s a Brookie? Well you are in for an ingenious holiday… Read More »

12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown: Day 6 Italian Rainbow Cookies

Can you believe it, it’s Day 6 and we’re already half way through our 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Countdown. Today’s delicious, colorful, and lightly almond flavored cookies are topped with chocolate, and look like a decadent dessert that only a master pastry chef might attempt to make. But thanks to tasteofhome, these rainbow jam layered… Read More »

Christmas DIY: Best Mason Jar Gift Ideas Including Cocktails In A Jar and More

With just 13 days left until Christmas your gift giving ideas may have just gotten a little easier, thanks to mason jars! That’s right, Mason Jars, and with SO MANY wonderful, clever, and tasty homemade gift ideas to choose from I just decided to share them all! You can customized your gift with a personal touch… Read More »

12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown: Day 5 Gingerbread Men

Well it seems hard to believe that we are already on Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown. Today is all about Gingerbread Men, those cute little guys with their engaging smiles and bow tie, and the delicious warm spices that pair perfect with your favorite hot beverage during the cold holiday season. Today’s… Read More »

12 Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown: Day 4 Chocolate Chip

Thank you for joining us on Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Cookies Countdown. Today we have an added celebration because we also just celebrated National Cookie Day, earlier this week and I thought today’s recipe should  celebrate with America’s Number One Voted Favorite ~The Chocolate Chip Cookie. Today’s recipe comes courtesy of ELIZABETHBH from allrecipes.com who calls this her “Best Big, Fat, Chewy… Read More »