January 17, 2021

Santa’s Printable Christmas Letters And Lists For Kids, Teens, And Adults Of All Ages

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“He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice” are words from the Christmas song that almost every child has heard, and at one time or another… and maybe even feared their name may be included on the naughty list.

We’re getting down to the wire, but there is still plenty of time for your kids, teens, and adults to fill out their letter for Santa!

Putting all their apprehensive feelings aside, the thought of being on Santa’s naughty list has never stopped anyone from writing a Christmas List for their most treasured wants and desires, hoping that Santa would honor all their requests.

Now every kid knows that before writing your letter to Santa, you have to first create your Christmas List, so we have included a few  printable Christmas Lists for kids of all ages, including teens and adults to fill out (and make sure you check it twice).

When your Christmas List is complete, you are now ready to write your official letter to Santa, (where you include how good you’ve have been all year, and possibly providing Santa with some examples).

Remember, the most important concern for younger children is “Do you think Santa got my letter?” So don’t forget to make sure to send them the response letter from Santa below!

Christmas List For Boys

Christmas Wish List For Girls

Letter To Santa For Your Little Ones

Christmas Wish List For Teens And Adults

Response Letter From Santa To Your Little Ones


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