January 22, 2021

Thanksgiving 2019: How To Make Your Perfect Holiday Turkey

“I am so excited to be cooking the holiday turkey!” are words that I can honestly say I have never said out loud… until this year.

Up until now, I have roasted my holiday turkey in one of two ways – in the oven using a traditional roasting pan that my mother has used ever since I can remember, or in my efforts to improve and simplify, I’ve also tried roasting the bird in an oven bag.

Now to be fair, both of these cooking methods have their pros and cons, but this year I am opting for option 3 – a counter top electric roaster oven, with a self-basting lid.

In the past I have always steered clear of the electric roaster as a viable option because it never seemed to brown the turkey, but with all the improved technology and innovative advances, and most importantly – the self-basting lid, I feel I am being called to give it a try this year.

So today I am going on record and saying “I am so excited to be cooking the Holiday turkey this year,” and be sure to check back because I will be sharing with you my taste-tested thumbs up, or thumbs down ‘family reviews’ on all of our holiday family favorites in my ‘After Thanksgiving Dinner post’.

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