September 28, 2020

Thanksgiving Countdown Planner: Including Celebrity Chefs Secret Tip

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Thanksgiving Dinner, the most anticipated meal of the year; but for those who are hosting this grand feast it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge.

From the novice host, to the experienced veteran, stress levels appear to rise with the start of November, and continue right on up until the turkey is ready to be served.

When hosting the biggest holiday dinner of the year, I have always found the most challenging part of the day has been getting everything on my holiday inspired table while it’s still relatively warm.

That, and remembering to take the rolls out of the oven before they burn, which in our home has almost become our new Thanksgiving tradition in itself!

I vowed that this year was going to be different. I made it my mission to watch every how to prepare the ‘perfect’ Thanksgiving meal I could find on both the Food Network, and the Food Channel, and I learned a very interesting celebrity chef secret that I thought was genius!

Did you know that many celebrity chefs actually prepare and cook almost their entire Thanksgiving meal, including their turkey, on Wednesday – the day before Thanksgiving? Who knew? Having this information could have saved me countless hours of holiday stress in the kitchen.

This year I am definitely using this tip, and now that you have been let in on the secret, you should too!

I will let you know how successful it was with my thumbs up, or thumbs down ‘family reviews’ in my ‘After Thanksgiving Dinner post’.

If you would like to find out how more on celebrity chefs step-by-step tips you will want to check out  Food Networks Thanksgiving Countdown Planner  to help make this year’s Thanksgiving your most stress-free holiday meal.

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