January 17, 2021

Top 7 Ways to Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

Photo via pixabay free pet images

What’s with all the hoopla, howls, and merrymaking? It’s Pet Appreciation Week (PAW), as well as National Hug Your Cat Day.

Now those of you who know me know that I consider my four legged fur babies as family members, and as such are entitled to join in and celebrate any and all holidays.

This holiday celebration is always observed during the first week in June and in our home is lovingly referred to as our Canine Christmas.

But celebrating this holiday needs to be more than just gifts, it’s also the time to show them how much you appreciate their loyalty and unconditional love, and give them thanks for all the support they provide by always being there for you.

Top 7 Ways to Appreciate Your Pet

  1. Make sure to update your pet’s vaccines.
  2. Give your pet a massage ~ this is so cute that it almost relaxes you too!
  3. Consider getting your pet a sibling
  4. Cook your pet a pet-friendly meal ~ they will love these recipes made with real food
  5. Surprise your pet with a new toy ~  after all it is their Canine Christmas
  6. Set up a pet playdate
  7. Take them for a Puppachino from Starbucks ~ riding in a car and Starbucks, your pet will thank you for this

This is also the time to remember to reach out to those who may not be as lucky as your little (or big) ones. Local animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to spend time with those who have not found their forever home yet, and I’m  sure the animals in residence would love to join in the fun and festivities. You may even find this to be your new favorite way to spend some of your free time and decide to continue with your visits long after the celebration is over.

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