November 25, 2020
trick or treat

Trick or Treating Banned? Is Halloween officially cancelled in Los Angeles & will other cites follow suit?

Halloween 2020 canceled? Say it isn’t so!

So far this year, our lives have been turned upside down and spun all-around due to COVID-19, and it now looks like the trickle-down effect has come to the possibility of canceling our beloved Halloween holiday.

It’s almost like the wicked witch of the west has put a spell on us!

Los Angeles first to cancel Halloween?

Will kids be able to head out for Tricks or Treats this Halloween? We are quickly learning that they may not be able to in Los Angeles. TMZ first reported that Halloween has been canceled in LA, however, if kids did decide to go out, the police would not issue them citations.

Now it appears that less than a day after coming out with their strong stand on banning Halloween this year, the Los Angeles County public health officials have now “walked back” their decision on Wednesday, with Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer stating that the guidelines have now been “slightly revised.”

Safe or Sorry? The debate to Trick or Treat in 2020

Their original concerns for postponing All Hallows Eve was to maintain safe social distancing and the likelihood of people gathering beyond their own family members. Ferrer stated in the Los Angeles Times that “this year, it’s just not safe to celebrate in the ways we usually do,“We are recommending that trick-or-treating not happen this year.”

And in case you were wondering, under the “not recommended” also includes NO to the following: Trunk or Treating, Carnivals, Live Entertainment. Corn Mazes, and this one hurts a lot… NO HAUNTED HOUSES!

The city of Los Angeles is one of the first to publicly take a stand against celebrating Halloween this year and most likely just the tip of the iceberg.

Will this decision led to other states to call off Halloween as well? It looks like we are just going to have to take a wait-and-see attitude on what other cities and states follow suit.

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