September 26, 2020

Veterans Day 2018: Free Meals And Local Discounts

What a great way to honor the military men and women who have given everything they have to protect and serve our country!

photo via military benefits

Sunday November 11, is Veterans Day, and many restaurants, bars, and local businesses will be celebrating by offering freebies and deals on food, drinks and purchases for all veterans and active military members.

It’s not just the restaurants that are getting in on the giveaways. Walgreen’s, Home Depot, Great Clips and Lowe’s are just a few of the businesses that will be running great deals.

Great Clips hair salon will be celebrating their fifth annual Veterans Day promotion by giving out free hair cuts for all military members.

All non-military customers who purchase a service at a U.S. Great Clips salon on Veterans Day (Nov. 11) get a free haircut card to give to a veteran they know.

If you are veteran or a current military member who visits a U.S. Great Clips salon today, you can get a freebie on the house or receive a free haircut card to use at a later date.

Click this link for a complete list of Veterans Day Free Meals and Other Veterans Day Freebies for 2018

Happy Veterans Day!

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