January 17, 2021

Working Naked Day Has Its Benefits

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Yes you read it right! Today we are celebrating Working Naked Day, but hold on to your horses because… it’s not what you’re thinking!

This holiday was created by Lisa Kanarek, a nationally known home office expert, who you may have seen on Good Morning America, CNN Financial News, and CNBC.

Kanarek asks the questions: Are you “Working from home alone?  Juggling the roles of administrative assistant, bookkeeper, sales staff and marketing director?

If so, congratulations…you are working naked!”

In her fifth book, Working Naked: A guide to the bare essentials of home office life, Lisa helps you turn your disorganized home office into a productive and hard-working space, allowing you to  make better use of your time, as well as helping balance your home and office life.

She also points out that Working Naked® means something different to everyone, and sometimes the mere thought of working from home can leave you feeling naked, without the back up of a boss or coworkers.

For me, I love working from home. I love planning my own schedule, and the freedom to actually enjoy what I am doing, including when my “work day” is interrupted from time to time with the beckoning buzz of my dryer…it’s time to multi-task.

If you work from home this holiday celebration is for you!

Happy Working Naked Day!

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