September 24, 2020

World Bartender Day: Three Things Your Bartender Wants You To Know

Happy National Bartenders Day and thank you Jeremiah “Jerry” P. Thomas (October 30, 1830 – December 15, 1885) the first American bartender and owner of his own saloons in New York City.

photo via wiki

Thomas was also known as “the father of American mixology,” and loved to show his creative side with his showmanship while preparing his drinks, earning him the nickname “The Professor.”

Top Three Things Your Bartender Wants You To Know…

It’s Not As Easy As It Looks  – There are many hours of prep work and clean up. On the average a bartender can work up to 10-12 hours shifts, and many times without a break.

Bartenders May Not Always Remember Your Name But They Always Remember A Tip – Tipping with cash is always appreciated, but a good attitude and patience rank high on a bartender’s good customer wish list.

Its Pays To Be A Regular – Bartenders tend to treat their regulars customers really well and always appreciate your business.

Let’s show some appreciation and gratitude for all the bartenders that have helped make your day or night a little bit brighter just by being there for you!

Happy National Bartenders Day!

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