September 28, 2020

World Monkey Day: Let’s Celebrate With Food, Games and More

Get ready to go bananas because today we are celebrating World Monkey Day!

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While we’re really not sure how this unofficial holiday originated, according to the likely reason suggests “that it started as a prank by some college students, while others suggest that it was started by people who wanted to raise awareness about monkeys, their habitats, and their role in the environment.”

Both reasons sound plausible, and I’m just glad we get to celebrate these highly intelligent, lovable, and fun to watch animals.

Are you ready to “monkey around” and have some fun? Check out these ways you can celebrate World Monkey Day.

Monkey Bingo Card Game

Top Monkey Bread Recipes

Monkey Unisex Pajamas – Adults Included!

Did You Know…

“That monkeys went into space before humans did? The first primate to go to space was called Albert II, a rhesus monkey.”

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