November 28, 2020

World Nutella Day: When Hazelnuts And Chocolate Come Together It’s A Beautiful Thing

photo via amazon

In our house we love to celebrate World Nutella Day by starting our morning, or end our evening with a light, buttery flavored pastry smothered with a creamy hazelnut spread known world-wide as Nutella!

This delectable treat was created when chocolate prices began to skyrocket during the 1940’s.

It’s been said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and when Pietro Ferrero, from Piedmont, Italy decided to stretch his chocolate supply by adding chopped hazlenuts, and producing it in a solid block form, he struck chocolate gold.

Ferrero created his creamy version (Supercrema) in 1951, and then in 1963 he altered his recipe one last time, and renamed it NutellaHe sold his first jar 1964 and became an instant success!

Usually I don’t like it when my world’s collide, but today I’ll make and exception.

Any time chocolate and hazelnuts come together, it’s a good thing!

Happy World Nutella Day!

‘There’s always a reason to celebrate with ‘!’

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