January 17, 2021

World Television Day 2017 – Are You Watching?

photo via wincalendar.com

Today is World Television Day! On this day we are celebrating one of the greatest technological advances of the 20th century  – the creation of the television – also known as “one of the most influential forces of our time” according to electronics.howstuffworks.com.

Today is all about the symbol, value, and profound effect of global communication that television has brought to us, as well as a way to entertain, educate, and keep us informed by taking us to places world-wide that you would never have had the opportunity to see or experience without actually being there.

Televisions are in 90% of households around the world, but since the internet and their broadcasting came onto the scene, this once profound way of global communication appears to be dwindling as people look to their computers, and the internet for their daily news, movies, and TV shows.

Celebrate World Television Day on social media by using the hashtags #WorldTelevisionDay, #TelevisionPhilosophy and #TVDay.

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